Thursday, 5 November 2015

Ranting of the Night: Sassy, Go Go – Part 1

To be honest, I can’t believe myself that I watched this drama. At the age of 28, it’s kind of… awkward (???). Ok, it’s just my feeling. Of course, it’s not a crime for 28 years old (or more) to watch this drama. It’s cool actually. ^^

I just want to say, that this kind of genre (high school student life) is not my taste. Basically, I’m not fond of romantic comedy, especially every guy chasing one girl. OMG, I really can’t stand it. One more thing, the heroin is too NAÏVE. It’s just like, “What the h_ll?” (derr…)

Ok, back to the story. Did you guys watch this drama? Sassy, go go. Other title… Cheer Up!, I think, not very sure about it. You can ask Mr. Google if you want to know more about it. ^^

Basically, I watch this story is because this person

Yes, Jung Eunji. I know her as an actress rather than idols. I really like her as an actress. Well… I’m not into the girl group. ^^

Jung Eunji play as Kang Yeon Doo.

Having placed 196th out of the 200 students at her school, Yeon Doo is at the bottom of the food chain at her high school and her only friends are her childhood friend Dong Jae and the members of street dance club Real King, of which she is the leader. But now, 5 members of Baek Ho Club; Kim Yeol, Seo Ha Joon, Choi Tae Pyung, and Han Jae Young, and Kim Na Yeon, are added to her friends list too. She is also a President of the Cheerleading club, a joint of Real King and Baek Ho clubs. Despite this, she is loyal, sassy, strong-willed and brave, willing to put herself at risk to fight the corruption at her school (Source: Wikipedia).

Just copy paste from Wiki. I don’t even rephrase it. Hahahaha. Please don’t do this, especially for your thesis, it’s PLAGARISM! (hahaha)

I really like KIM YEOL. He really looks like SHINee ONEW. LEE WON KUEN??? Never heard his name. I even ask Mr. Google, he said that he was in Moon Embrace The Sun. hemmm… Sorry, I can’t recall which one were you? But! I’m really looking forward for your next project.

Kim Yeol. Don’t you think he looks like ONEW? (Please ignore Eunji's picture)

 Don’t you think they look alike? Ok, which one is Kim Yeol and which one is Onew?Hahahaha


Cha Hak Yeon (a.k.a N) plays as Ha Dong Jae, the one that have a physical contact phobia. I know that someone from VIXX is in this drama, but I don’t know which one. I’m not fans of VIXX, so basically I’m not very familiar with the member. I like Ha Dong Jae’s character, so funny. Especially when he makes ‘that face’ in front of Kwon Soo Ah. You know… that ‘expressionless’ face. Hahaha

Ok, I really want to rant more, but I don’t think I can do that since I need to work tomorrow. Besides, I still need to edit this entry before I post it. So, I think, better I stop here for today. I will make another entry for Sassy, go go.  Maybe a few reviews for this drama??? Hahaha

See you again in the next entry. Bye2

Mimie Azura Zakaria
11:50 PM

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Song Il Gook and Triplets Reported to Be Leaving “The Return of Superman,” Show Responds

Song Il Gook and Triplets Reported to Be Leaving “The Return of Superman,” Show Responds 

We all know it’s inevitable. Song Il Gook and his lovable triplets will one day leave the popular KBS variety show “The Return of Superman.” It will leave a hole in our hearts and have us crying tears equal to, but not as cute as, the amount Minguk has shed over his food being taken away.

Local news source Ilgan Sports reports that actor Song Il Gook has decided that he and his sons will stop appearing on the show early next year (around January – February). The exact timing is still in discussion. 

This reportedly became known during discussions about CF contracts that involve the triplets, with the companies wanting to know the Song family’s plans for leaving the show that made them famous.

In response to this report, both Song Il Gook’ reps and KBS have stated that nothing is decided, which is a vague enough answer to have fans of the show worried.

This past July, it was reported that Song Il Gook will star in the KBS historical drama “Jang Young Sil” (working title), expected to air starting January 2016.


Ahh.. This news has been circulate a few of months already. To be honest, there will be no reason for me to watch this program anymore. To be honest, I stop watching this program when Haru leaving. 

Kim Dong Wan Takes First Solo Win With “I’m Fine” on “The Show”

Kim Dong Wan Takes First Solo Win With “I’m Fine” on “The Show” 

Shinhwa‘s Kim Dong Wan took home his first solo trophy on this week’s “The Show”!
This marks his first music show win since dropping his mini album “D” and launching promotions for the title track “I’m Fine” on October 21.

Coming in second was TWICE, followed by SEVENTEEN, Lovelyz, and Monsta X, respectively.

After being announced as the winner, Kim Dong Wan first thanked Shinhwa’s fanclub, his agency, and other fans for the support, adding how he is slightly embarrassed to receive the trophy with such outstanding hoobaes around him.

The first-generation idol went on to share a couple words of encouragement with the younger artists.

“Before coming to the stage, I was told that a hoobae had passed away. I feel very sorry and that stops me from being fully happy [over my win], but I hope that the hoobaes here today, who have chosen to join this endless competition, will stay strong and overcome challenges, and so achieve good results,” he referred to the news of a former “Superstar K” contestant found dead earlier today.

Finally, he apologized to his hoobaes for taking home the trophy today, and thanked his fans once more.

Congratulations to Kim Dong Wan!


I'm happy that he win the trophy. He deserved it. His His album really awesome. I love I'm fine.

Here is the Full Kim Dong Wan Mini Album. Hope you all like it just like me.



Tuesday, 27 October 2015


27 Oktober 2015
11:48 pm

Fuh...fuh.. fuhhhhh!!!!!

Berhabuk sudah blog aku ni. Baru ni la aku nak menulis baliknye.. knp? part of it.. sbb kwn aku da start blogging balik.. and aku pk, why not ak pon start bloging balik gak...

Tp cam biasa, blog aku lebih kepada news about KPOP. Since I like it. hahaha.. basically most of my entry, about Infinte or maybe Junsu lepas ni.. hahaha... I tengah gile ngn Junsu la ni...keke..

I x minat group2 baru..yg lame2 tu tau la banyak yg x tau.. Kebanyakkan yg aku kenal mesti ade kne mengena ngan Sunggyu.. Aku kan Chingyu..hahaha...

well.. to alllll Kpopers... I will try to give more info.. mcm dolu2...Saya akan cube lebih kerap untuk berbloging... tu pon klau rajin la... tapi rasanye  malas lebih banyak dari rajin...hahaha..

babai la.. meraban plak ak malam2 buta ni...

nite2 ^^

Mimie Azura Zakaria

The Longest MV I Ever Watched

just like the title, it's the longest MV I ever watched. 16 minutes? wow... Well, of course it actually combining from two MVs.

It's just like watching a mini drama, that I though quit 'POYO'. hahahaha

Don't you think so? There a few of thing that I didn't get it. I don't even know why they need heroin in this MV? They definitely don't need it. It's look sooo funny.

Derr...They just should make HOMIN MV...  *Roll my eyes*

Saturday, 31 January 2015



7:15 AM

[Mini Album] Base by Jonghyun

Asslamualaikumdan selamat pagi semua..!! (^0^)/

Rajin I berblogging pagi2 la ni kan..hihi.. rajin la sangat… Mono drama in you.. suke betol aku ngan lagu MONODRAMA nie.. One of my favorite song in Jonghyun’s mini album.

8:15 AM

Baru sambung balik.. sempat la kedai beli breakfast and da makan pon..huhu.. Ape aku nak tulis eh? Lupe plak dah.. Aku kenyang2 nie mula la mengantuk.. huarhhh.. (- o -)

Semalam before pi Pusat IT aku sempat lagi berselfie, tapi tak upload gambo semalam eh.. hari nie baru upload, tapi kat blog ja.. Pastu aku rase lapar la plak.. time2 nie la aku terase payah bile Wak sebelah rumah x bukak kedai.. Hope Wak cepat sembuh.. amin..

So, aku pon pi la round kt gerai Kak Yang tu.. Naseb bek la bukak.. Thanks Kak Yang klau x, makan roti je la.. Mule2 ingatkan x bujak.. sebab Kak Yang nye x dok kat depan..huhu..Lagi satu I memang craving nak makan nasi lemak pon, naseb bek dapat.

Aku sampai di sambut oleh pokok bunga. Lepas tu bile aku boring.. ape lagi.. SELFIE la kan.. sorang2 la nak SELFIE.. ade manager segan la kan..hahaha

Boring la nie.. Mengadap comp yg byk nie..

Lepas tu kakak aku sempat anta gambar NAJLA.. Katenye ade sambutan maulidul rasul, tu yang pakai baju kurung g sekolah..Katenye siap request nak pakai tudung tu..hihi.. Kalau NAJLA bace blog aku nie memang habis aku..hahaha..

Semalam keje kami mengemop lantai Pusat IT. Payah betol nak menanggalkan kotoran degil! Puas menonyoh nye. Nak basuh, karang lekang plak pvc tile, kami mengambil cara selamat dengan mengemop saje.. Di sebabkan kami da mengemop Pusat IT tu.. Nak masuk sile BUKAK KASUT eh.. Penat kami mengemopnye semalam tauuuu.

Paip dekat toilet pond ah boleh gune.. Semalam Syabas da pasang meter balik. Thank You En. Pengurus! Ade lagi satu En. Pengurus, toilet tu pam nye rosak…Harap En. Pengurus akan mengambil tindakan segera ye. Thank You! Mesti En. Pengurus tu fikir ‘Macam2 la dorg nie..’ hahaha.. Mianhae… ^^

Nothing much to say.. so.. Let’s end it here for this entry. Hope you all will have a BLASTING weekend!


Friday, 30 January 2015


7.00 am
[Full Album] Let's Talk by 2AM

Morning U allssss.. Uish.. Pagi2 aku da berblogging na..

Aku lebih nak meraban pagi2 nie.. BABE!!!!! ko memang ade habit tepon ak pagi2 na..haha.. xpe2.. ade hikmah.. klau x mau aku terlajak subuh td.. Thanks my dear.. ^^ half sincere half sarcasm. Eh...ade ke macam tu? Ah.. lantak la.. suke hati kite la nk tulis pe pon.. :p

Thanks God my quota still available.. Klau x memang aku abaikan je..haha.. dok eh.. gurau ja.. akan aku usahakan jugak.. tapi lambat la sikit.. sebab tenet da slow kan.. Selalunye da masuk 30hb nie.. Tenet aku da abes.. Hemm.. Aku x banyak bukak laptop kot..tu yg quota aku still ade lg.. Tp peringatan da dapat. 

Wireless Broadband-You are nearing quota limit. Log on to or call 1800-82-2000 to topup your quota.

Message yang mengatakan quota aku da habis belom lg dapat.. naseb baek.. klau x berkurun aku nak membukaknye. Da bertahun aku gune broadband nie.. 4-5 tahun.. lame la tu kan..Aku pernah cadang nak terminate, lagi2 bile da start gune smartphone..yela.. sekarang nak facebooking ke..ape ke.. leh gune hp je.. 4-5 tahun lepas hp canggih je boleh.. Tapi bile fikir balik, macam sayang plak.. Tu yang x jd nak terminate. 

Aku still gune maxis punye plan yang RM48 tu. Tak de tukar2 sampai sekarang. Aku teringat time aku nak bayar bil dekat MAXIS, aku klau bayar kat MAXIS memang tak bawak bil..lg pon bil selalu sampai LAMBAT kn.. penah sekali tu kena bar. Tak bayar bil..haha.. yela..bil tak sampai kan.. So sejak tu aku bayar dekat MAXIS je.. xde tunggu2 bil dah.. aku nie macam da jauh dr point je..haha.. 

Ha... Sambung balik. Masa aku bayar tu kan xde bil.. Budak tu baru kje kot time tu.. Aku klau bayar bil memang bagi IC je.. bil x sampai lg.. no.sim aku lupe.. Jd gune IC je la kan senang.. Masa mule2 cakap aku punye pakej yang RM48.. die macam pelik.. ade ke pakej yg tu.. Siap tanye banyak kali lg..haha.. Pastu ade sekali tu, siap tanye.. tak nak upgrade ke.. Hem.. xpe la..terima kasih la..Aku je pon yg gune.. Lagi pon bukan tgk YouTube bagai pon.. Tgk video memang cepat la abes quota nyeeee..

Orang sekarang da pakai yg wireless bagai tu kan.. aku tetap pakai yg pesen lame tu..yang broadband die kaler putih tu..huhu.. Since sekarang da keje dekat Pusat IT (yg still xde internet tu..), aku sedang berkira2 untuk terminate je broadband nie.. Tapi sekali lagi aku rase tak payah..since kt rumah nak gune ape kan? Walaupun xde la selalu la sangat bukak kan..Tapi takut ade emergency nak email ke.. ape ke.. payah plak.. xkan aku nak pi bukak pintu Pusat IT kot.. memang tak la..

Oklah. tu je kot aku meraban kot.. eh! tak ade benda lagi.. Aku tadi dok edit gambo.. lepas tu nk masuk dalam blog.. pastu die pegi auto rotate gambo aku.. adoi.. bengkek je aku.. naseb bek godek2 boleh rotate balik.. Wahai blogspot.. jgn suke2 rotate gambo aku grrrr 

Oklah. babai la. ni baru betol habis..haha.. Aku nak bersiap.. cari baju bagai.. Hari nie I dekat Pusat IT tu x sorang2.. YAY! pastu hari aku nak menggodek comp kat situ..yela.. Microsoft Office 2013 pon x familiar kan... nak godek2 la nie.. nak bagi familiar sikit...huhu.. tata semua. muaaahhh! ^*^